Oh Daddy Chronicles by Barry Robbins

Alt="oh daddy chronicles"Oh Daddy Chronicles by Barry Robbins

 Can’t stand Trump? Love making fun of him? Well, this is the book for you.

***Gold Medal award winner for Fiction – Humor/Comedy in Readers’ Favorite 2021 International Book Awards***

Imagine if you could have eavesdropped on Donald Trump’s conversations in the Oval Office. That’s precisely what Oh Daddy Chronicles does in 46 skit-like episodes that have been described as Saturday Night Live on steroids. The conversations with his family, advisers, cabinet secretaries are fictitious, made-up, imagined... or are they? Just how demented, imbecilic, crass, self-centered, ridiculous does his side of those conversations have to be before you remember that Oh Daddy Chronicles is fiction?

You’ll laugh your butt off at this hilarious political satire, which former U.S. Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle called “Well-written. Entertaining. Excellent political satire.” That’s Senate- speak for “darn funny.”

Reader reviews:

“What a creative and fun way of looking into the madness that was the Trump Administration.”

“Similar to a Saturday Night Live episode, it makes fun of everyone, especially President Trump. It gives answers to questions, like why the president wanted to use hydroxychloroquine and what happened with the Bible incident.”

“It’s a collection of SNL cold openings on steroids that read ‘exactly’ as if they were taken from real life transcripts.”

Rave reviews:

Anthony Avina – writer and blogger

— a one of a kind read that is not to be missed

— “Oh Daddy Chronicles” is the political satire many readers need and won’t be able to put down

Asher Syed – Reader’ Favorite

— At a time when there is very little to laugh about, Barry Robbins truly lifts a reader’s spirits with Oh Daddy Chronicles.

— The closest correlation I can make is to the play Spamalot, which drips with the same satire and silliness as the Oh Daddy Chronicles.

Cody Sexton – blogger

My initial plan for this book was to read a chapter or two a day until it was finished, but when I finally sat down to read it, and before I knew what happened, I found myself staring at the last page wishing there was more.

Jailyn Fierro

Essentially, the writing style was the shining star–it felt like I was watching an SNL skit–every episode is well thought out and even to the end of the epilogue Barry Robbins delivers with humor.

***Lex Allen*** – Readers’ Favorite

Perhaps we have in author Barry Robbins a new and more direct version of Douglas C. Kenney, cofounder of the National Lampoon magazine and the National Lampoon Radio Hour, or even the great writers who collaborated to produce the famous and hilarious British movie, The Life of Brian.

***This is Saturday Night Live, in written form, on steroids.***

Lucinda Clarke – Readers’ Favorite

This could be described as a Marmite book; you will either love it or hate it.

D Smith – the ABR book review woman

In a nutshell, Oh Daddy Chronicles by Barry Robbins is a carnival ride through the Trump administration era.

The author has a genius talent for making the ridiculous seem sublime, leaving you in stitches.

Steve Guarr

Barry may be a candidate to fill the spot left by Art Buchwald.

***Tom Daschle*** – former U.S. Senate Majority Leader

Well-written. Entertaining. Excellent political satire.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s lampoon Trump together and “Make America Funny Again”. Click “Buy Now” to join in the fun today.

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Oh Daddy Chronicles was the Gold Medal Award winner for Humor/Comedy Fiction in the Readers’ Favorite 2021 International Book Awards, one of the largest book contests in the world.
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They Called Him Marvin by Roger Stark

Alt="they called him marvin"They Called Him Marvin by Roger Stark

They Called Him Marvin: A History of Love, War and Family by Roger Stark

“They were the fathers we never knew, the uncles we never met, the friends who never returned, the heroes we can never repay. They gave us our world. And those simple sounds of freedom we hear today are their voices speaking to us across the years.” Bill Clinton

Such a man was 1st Lt Dean Harold Sherman, B-29 Airplane Commander.

“They Called Him Marvin” is a history. A history of war and of family. A history of the collision of the raging politics of a global war, young love, patriotism, sacred family commitments, duty and the horrors and tragedies, the catastrophe that war is.

Book Review:

They Called Him Marvin by Roger Stark is a merger between American and Japanese events during WWII, and the very human reality of one American pilot and his love letters to his wife.  The candor in their loving correspondence, and the stark reality of war, clash against each other within the pages of this book.  Like the major and minor notes being pulled from an orchestra by a master conductor, history is brought to life and the full impact of war is felt.

I remember watching Tenco many years ago and weeping over the atrocities inflicted on prisoners in Japanese prison of war camps.  The horrors of it stayed with me and I often steer clear of anything to do with war in books or films these days.  However, I am so glad I came across this super book.  The author has met Marv – the son of Dean, whose love letters fill this book, and this brings everything to life, injecting real substance and making this book stand out from a lot of other war stories.  What I loved the most in this ‘almost-a-memoir’ is the view of the pilots from the Japanese perspective.  The story of Riku and his family is very moving, and I appreciate the accounting of history from both countries, it is thoroughly moving as well as educational.  Bringing the readers focus constantly back to Dean and Connie was an ingenious way to remind us that war involves real people, not just figures on a page.  This story is a beautiful account of a horrific time in history and should be read by everyone… lest we forget.

Roger Stark presents us with a very human experience of WWII.  This is the kind of book that should be on every high school curriculum.  It is awash with facts, but expressed in such a way as to grip the reader and hold their attention.  Packed with historical content, and portrayed with a vibrant pen, They Called Him Marvin by Roger Stark comes very highly recommended Bookstagram Reviews.

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A Special Day: The Day Eid Met Christmas by Mahmoud Elzein

Alt="a special day kids lit book cafe"A Special Day: The Day Eid Met Christmas by Mahmoud Elzein (Author), Rania Hasan (Illustrator)

Do you believe in magic, the magic of kindness?
One special year, Christmas and Eid fell on the same day. And on that special day, two girls, Eva and Aya, discovered a magical friendship through the spirit of giving. Their generous acts of kindness inspire children to think of others regardless of social backgrounds and beliefs.

Book Review

A Special Day by Mahmoud Elzein is an exciting and magical story about two young girls who are each celebrating two very different, very joyful and special holidays: Christmas and Eid (which happen to fall on the same day this year!) The girls cross paths while shopping for gifts.  It is in a special quiet moment in a broken elevator when they realize that the wonderful holiday season finds them both encompassing the blissful spirit of love and kindness. Eva’s heart is overwhelmed with joy, and Aya feels such happiness when the girls decide to give their gifts to less fortunate orphans who won’t be receiving any presents for the holiday season! What a wonderful and generous idea they have! The girls’ mothers are so proud of them and their acts of kindness! 

This lovely, heartwarming book delivers a sweet and inspiring story that is sure to touch the hearts and minds of every child! I read this book to my own elementary aged children and they absolutely loved and adored the newly budding friendship between the two girls, Eva and Aya. They were captivated by the vivid and colorful illustrations that sparkle bright and show such magnificent detail and care on every big and bold page.

A Special Day by Mahmoud Elzein is a perfect celebration and example of the soul’s eagerness and sense of contentment that is found when performing charitable acts of good deeds and kindness to others in need.  I highly recommend this delightful book to every one of all ages looking for a splendid story about the magic of giving and the wonderment of making new friendships that will last a lifetime! A Special Day by is a wonderful must read book for every child and a perfect addition to every family’s book collection! Kids Lit Book Café highly recommends A Special Day: The Day Eid Met Christmas by Mahmoud Elzein. Book reviewed  by Beatrix Bloom for Kids Lit Book Café.

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Your Children Are Boring: or How Modern Parents Ruin Everything by Tom James

Alt="your children are boring by tom james"Your Children Are Boring by Tom James

Your Children Are Boring: or How Modern Parents Ruin Everything by Tom James

“The funniest book of the year”

Are you sick of a society that seems obsessed with children? Do you find modern parents insufferable?

Your Children Are Boring is a uniquely humorous look at our culture’s obsession with children, a world where virtually every advert has a squawking child in it, where pubs are full of wailing infants, and where every other Facebook post is tagged #ProudDad.

Why do parents themselves behave like infants? Why having a child doesn’t make you less selfish, why it’s extremely unlikely that your child is in fact, ‘special’, and why modern parenting is ruining everything, not least the kids themselves.

All the answers lie within, and it’s your duty to read it.

Yes, Your Children Are Boring will make you laugh, but it’s much more than that. Once consumed you must take its teachings into the world and fix society. Or something. Oh and if you put ‘Dad’ or ‘Mum’ in your social media bios, this book is aimed at you.

An excerpt from Your Children Are Boring:

“There are more radical solutions available to us of course. I take my lead from the way we’ve societally turned smokers into pariahs at pubs. Let’s create family areas in the pubs! Imagine, roped off areas out the back, covered in sick, where the tables are made of plastic rather than wood, soundproofed so we don’t have to listen to you loudly slow-talking, or the baby crying. Or you could just go to McDonalds, which is where the kids want to be anyway.

And that’s another thing; does anyone think these kids want to go to a pub? They’re not renowned for their rides and pits of plastic balls. But perhaps that’s just a matter of time. We’ll inevitably infantilise getting smashed like we seem intent on doing to everything else.

You want it all don’t you, your spoilt little brain thinks, ‘I’ve had a child, but that doesn’t mean I should modify my life. I still want pub, so baby come to pub!’ Kids should be, and probably are, bored out of their tiny minds at pubs. It’s where grown-ups go to bitch about their friends’ new kitchen or boyfriend / girlfriend, not a playground, that’s why they’re full of glass, fruit machines and sharp edges.

If we can be a little melodramatic though, you’re a virus. You’re ruining pubs like you ruined football and the cinema, colonizing it like the most boring invading army in history armed with iPhones and Kleenex.”

Book Review:

Your Children Are Boring by Tom James is a blunt and hilarious work that examines and discusses the issues with modern parenting. It does not advocate for the neglect of children’s needs by their parents, rather, it aims at helping parents identify the dangers of a children-obsessed society where conversations and policies revolve around children.

Author, Tom James handles the misconceptions that modern parents have about their roles and the lives of child-free adults. As he moves from one chapter to the next, he includes sobering statistics, observations, and quotes from external sources that uncover real, concerning issues. He combines these with discussions that explore significant topics such as parental awareness and the dangers of helicopter parenting. In a discussion about how many parents are unknowledgeable about parenting, the book includes the findings of a recent study that asserts that a third of the eleven to eighteen-year-olds polled stated that they had asked their parents to stop checking their mobile devices. Included anecdotes, recent remarks, and social media posts further show the immensity of the issue. The book adopts a common sense, direct approach to handling the topics it covers that cuts through to specific issues. It also incorporates humor that makes its discussions entertaining and persuasive. Though most of the work’s findings are derived from the UK, its lessons are universal. For instance, it examines troubling trends such as the current society’s saturation with the mind-set of therapy that categorizes major emotional and behavioral difficulties with minor issues which makes children overly dependent on external emotional support.

Your Children Are Boring by Tom James is concise, thorough and tackles sensitive topics with tact, using humor to make the discussions lively and less confrontational. It also contains important lessons. While its approach may be considered harsh by those easily-offended, the significance of the lessons contained within this important book cannot be downplayed or dismissed. Your Children Are Boring by Tom James comes highly recommended by BOOKSTAGRAM!!

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White Harvest (Beyond the Veil of Propaganda) by A Kine

Alt="white harvest"White Harvest (Beyond the Veil of Propaganda) by A Kine

Trapped in a secret, underground military base, Lilly takes comfort in the arms of a long-term captive there who’s like no man she’s ever met before. When discussions turn to the social agenda playing out in the world above, he reveals secrets concealed long ago in religious texts. Working towards a set goal, the global elite have been following mystery school teachings for thousands of years. Using knowledge encoded into readily available texts, the Freemason’s, the CIA, and the Catholic Church’s dark agenda has long been to steer humanity towards the human harvest spoken of in Revelation. For this, they will be richly rewarded by tyrant overlords who, besides a vague notion of a god, the populace know nothing of. Horrified by shocking revelations regarding the human condition, and with the time set to a minute to midnight, Lilly plots her escape.


White Harvest by A Kine is an intriguing tale of adventure, lust, conspiracy and mystery. This is not the type of book you’ll want to read to unwind and relax. This is because the author knows how to hold her readers in a powerful grip of suspense. This page turner will engage and enthrall you from beginning to end.

We are introduced to the protagonist, Lilly, as she awakens to find herself imprisoned and pregnant with no idea how she got there. Lilly is surrounded by people who appear untrustworthy, but due to her circumstances, she has little choice but comply with their demands. As the story moves on, Lilly is introduced to Ox, a humanoid. The pair begin an unconventional relationship that is monitored and encouraged by the authorities. I have to say that this relationship was fascinating to read, and also thought-provoking as it raises questions about what society deems is normal and acceptable behavior. After all this, who can Lily really trust? And, where is the story taking her? Readers as passengers will be enthralled and compelled to continue reading to find out.

Author, A Kine weaves an intriguing tale of secret government and plans to harvest humans that are embedded in a complex web of authoritarian lies and deception. The book’s title offers a hint behind the real purpose of the reigning elite’s motivations, which adds to the weight and seriousness of the story.

The eroticism in this book is stimulating and draws the reader in and drives him or her to question the psychological impact sex can have on complex relationships where there are significant power differences and where egos clash and fight for dominance. After all, can we develop meaningful partnerships with others who are so different from ourselves? Can sex be love and if so, does it always have to be between a man and a woman?

White Harvest will leave you spellbound, speechless and entirely craving more. It will send you into a world where conventional approaches and ideals are challenged and where you are made to sit up and pay attention. I have no doubt that it will raise questions and issues that are pertinent to modern times and keep you captivated and guessing to the very end. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and am looking forward to reading more from author, A Kine. White Harvest by A Kine comes highly recommended by Chick Lit Café ,

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Bay of Devils by Grahame Shannon – Award Winning Author

Alt="bay of devils"Bay of Devils by Grahame Shannon – Award Winning Author

Bay of Devils: A mystery letter from a doomed ship sparks an expedition to Alaska (Bay Mysteries) by Grahame Shannon

Sean Gray, sailor and amateur detective, teams up with clever waitress Cindy Lu to solve a fifty-year-old mystery of strange events and buried treasure in Thomas Bay Alaska, aka the Bay of Devils. In 1918 the SS Princess Sophia sank in Alaska with 350 souls aboard. All perished when the ship, stranded on Vanderbilt reef, slid off into deep water. Going through her father’s effects in 1968, Cindy finds an old flask. The message inside is from the doomed ship. She delivers it to the original address, which is nearby. Elizabeth Hadley, now in her seventies, reads the letter from her former suitor with excitement. She hires Sean to lead an expedition and unravel the mystery. He tracks down Cindy, and the chemistry between them is immediate. Lizzy introduces the crew of her 110-foot classic yacht Lady L, including Ajax, an acid-tongued parrot. With Cindy as cook, and Levi, a mysterious Israeli ex-soldier, providing security, Sean prepares for the voyage to Alaska. However, they aren’t alone. There are others after the booty, and they are willing to kill anyone who gets in their way. So, with pirates hot on their trail, will they find the treasure and unlock the secret behind the half-century-old mystery? Find out in Bay of Devils, from award-winning author Grahame Shannon. 

Book review:

With a great story and an excellent plot, Bay of Devils by Grahame Shannon is a rip-roaring nautical venture you won’t want to miss!  Epic adventure wrapped around a treasure hunt and a missing letter.

With a tantalizing forward, where Grahame Shannon announces that some aspects of the story are in fact true, we are left to determine which parts are fact and which are fiction.  Already, an air of mystery and excitement is created!  From the off-set I was hooked.  Shannon’s first-rate way of telling a story grabbed my interest.  With a humorous touch throughout this was simply a great read.  There were many laugh-out-loud moments but my belly-laugh came with the vows of an impromptu wedding at sea.  I won’t spoil it for you by telling it here, but the vows are simply a stroke of genius that had my shoulders shaking for several minutes.  I appreciated all the photos that added a certain authenticity to the story.

We are introduced to Sean Gray in 1968, aboard his yacht ‘Tangled Moon’ in Coal Harbor.  He is instantly likeable to the reader, but also to all the females he smiles upon!  A rascal maybe?  Well a goodhearted one anyway.  By not affording to take down the old sign from the premises he rents, which states ‘Anson Investigators’, he is somehow hired to find a missing chest that is mentioned in a letter that took fifty years to be delivered, to a woman called Elizabeth Hadley.  Up for an adventure, and definitely for some pay, Sean accepts the job.  The crew that go with him are all great characters, but stealing the lime-light for sure is Ajax the cocky parrot!  When petty thief Fingers Finnegan turns up dead on Sean’s boat the seriousness of the situation hits home.  The forth-coming enterprise would be a far cry from a walk-in-the-park… but then again, there would be romance, adventure and lots of good food!

Grahame Shannon tongue-in-cheek manner of storytelling delivers us a first-rate maritime escapade, one that I couldn’t stop reading until I reached the last page.  With excellent pace, remarkable descriptive narration and really great characters Bay of Devils by Grahame Shannon comes highly recommended by Artisan Book Reviews.

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Up Here by Jim Shomos – Book Review

                                                                      Up Here by Jim ShomosAlt="up here by jim shomos"Up Here by Jim Shomos – Book ReviewUp Here by Jim Shomos

When you’ve had two dream marriages, choosing your eternal soulmate in heaven is one hell of a dilemma.

Can you have more than one soulmate at the same time?

After two blissful marriages are cut short by tragic circumstances, Peter’s own early entry to heaven fills him with skepticism. Peter soon faces an impossible choice: with both wives Up Here, which woman is his eternal soulmate?

Christina and Jane have their own issues to resolve, especially considering they were best friends. From two marriages made in heaven, all three now have one hell of a dilemma.

And with Peter’s mother Up Here, too … well, she’s got her opinion!

The debut novel from Australian film & TV pioneer Jim Shomos. Up Here is a unique love-triangle featuring two dynamic women and one roman-tic; it’s a feel-good exploration of a modern romantic dilemma that asks the age-old question: what if?

The most original romantic-comedy this century. Artisan Book Reviews.

A beautiful romantic-comedy about love, hope and courage. Alli Sinclair, Goodreads, 5-stars.

I love this quirky story. This will have you giggling. Blaise Van, Goodreads, 5-stars.

ABR’s review:

An eternal love-triangle, Up Here by Jim Shomos delves deep into what real love is with humorous results. It’s a beautiful, heartfelt and captivating romantic comedy.

Meet Peter, Jane and Christina, oh and mom of course!  I loved this book.  On one hand it’s airy and amusing; on the other it’s reflective and profound.  It’s definitely movie worthy, and I kept imagining what it would look like on the big screen.  The story starts when forty year old, jam-donut lover Peter, teeters on the verge of a new relationship with Jane.  It’s true romance as the two acknowledge they’re in love.  The trouble is, Christina has only been dead for five years and Peter is still mourning.  Taking the decision that Christina would want them to be happy they take the plunge and get married.  With guitars and a red convertible Mustang left to gather dust, Peter embarks on a new marriage full of love.  They say lightning doesn’t strike twice, but sometimes it does, and Jane is taken by brain tumors.  Peter is floored.  He’s been lucky to have the love of two wonderful women, and unlucky enough to have lost them both.  The crux of this tale hinges on my favorite line from the book: Who are you?  Until you know this, you can’t connect with a soul mate.  Heaven is meant to be wonderful, but when told he can only have one soul mate, who will Peter choose, Christina or Jane?  There is another line very poignant to the story: Closure is the most elusive ghost, you can sometimes see it, but never grasp it.  Life, death and love are all explored with skill and wit in this unique, imaginative romantic comedy.

Jim Shomos must have written this with a twinkle in his eyes.  With wonderful characters, a splendid storyline and a fabulous light touch, Up Here is as moving, as it is funny.  Up Here by Jim Shomos is a tender, thought-provoking, romantic comedy which comes highly recommended by Artisan Book Reviews. Book reviewed by T N Traynor for Artisan Book Reviews.

Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind read!! Purchase Up Here by Jim Shomos today!

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Connect with author Jim Shomos

Up Here by Jim Shomos
Published by Busybird Publishing on August 14, 2020
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Heartfelt Fiction, Humor & SatireRomantic Comedy
Pages: 274
Format: KindlePaperback
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Vagabondess: A Guide to Solo Female Travel by Toby Israel

Alt="vagabondess"Vagabondess: A Guide to Solo Female Travel by Toby Israel

Vagabondess: A Guide to Solo Female Travel by Toby Israel is a book for women—and all people!—who want to travel solo, face their fears, and live the adventure of their dreams. This book is for the travelers, the feminists, the adventurers, the seekers and the curious. The author shares insights from over 10 years of solo travel through Asia, Africa, Europe, and Central America. Vagabondess is much more than a guide. It is a collection of travelogue, philosophy, stories, and, yes, travel advice. It is about embracing the vagabondess—her spirit of adventure, her curiosity, her dedication to growth and discovery—who lives inside each of us, showing up in our lives in a myriad of ways. If you were waiting for someone to tell you that your dreams are just crazy enough, and then give you some practical suggestions for how to get there, then this is the book for you. “Why Vagabondess? A vagabondess has earth and salt to balance her air. Her lifestyle is not a romantic, Instagram-filter utopia, but rather gritty and smeared with sweat. A vagabondess is not a symbol of an ideal of a life. She is alive. A vagabondess weaves magic into the everyday and touches the profound with her toes as she wanders—aimlessly, purposefully—through her inner landscape and the outer wilderness of the modern world. She unites nostalgia for a freer past and hope for a liberated future by living squarely in the present tense. For solo female travelers, the vagabondess is an attainable objective, not a holy grail. She is within easy reach, if only we look in the right place: inside.”

Book review:

Vagabondess by Toby Israel is, in my opinion, a must read for any would-be travelers.  Inspiring, exciting and considerably insightful, this guide is unlike any other you can buy.  Not a list of places you can visit, this is a conduit to ‘traveling mindset’ and is about lifestyle and perspective.  I found it totally uplifting.

If only I could have read this book when I was eighteen, maybe then I would have been brave enough to step out of my comfort zone and walk through France picking grapes.  Alas, that time for me has well gone, but the dream of those days was so vividly brought to life through reading this book, I wish, I wish, I wish.  I really can’t recommend this book high enough.  I am not about to go trekking across the world, but the words reached deep into me, I feel uplifted.  I can therefore say with sincere confidence, that this is more than a beginner’s guide.  There are immensely helpful lists such as: How to pack one bag for life; Money saving techniques and Taking care of your health, to name just three.  The chapter on safety is invaluable to women traveling solo. 

Vagabondess however, is about attitude and beyond the traveling tips is the heart of Toby Israel.  Her manifesto is my favorite part, I can’t write it all here but let me share the beginning and the end of it:  Go out into the world and struggle… and remember to move through this world with grace.  Toby’s eternal optimism in human nature is breathtakingly refreshing, her thought process both inspiring and encouraging.     

This book is about embracing your vulnerability and following your heart and dreams.  It’s about listening to your instincts and living the life that’s calling to you… whether that’s traipsing the globe or just finding the right place for your forever home. 

In Vagabondess, Toby Israel has gracefully written a wonderful, inspiring and delightfully engaging guide to the mindset of a wanderer.  An absolute must have for anyone wishing to take that first step out of comfort into the unknown.  This invitation to go and explore your own path comes highly recommended by Chick Lit Café. Book reviewed by T N Traynor for Chick Lit Café.

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The Women of the South (The Voyage) by Hila Har Cohen

Alt="the women of the south"The Women of the South (The Voyage) by Hila Har Cohen

Taken by a rival tribe at a time of war, all Ni-Han wants is her freedom. Discovering her hidden abilities, she needs to decide between love and fate.

Ni-Han is an exceptional, young woman with special powers. When war breaks out between rivaling tribes on the southern continent, she witnesses her parents’ brutal murder and is taken captive.

There, she meets four other captive women. Their shared destiny is an immediate bond, an enduring friendship that survives tremendous upheavals, the hardships of war, and their romantic liaisons.

In time, Ni-Han discovers her hidden abilities, is exposed to family secrets from the past, and falls in love with the handsome Leo.

Will she trust him enough to devote herself to their relationship, or will she follow the path of fate?

Book review:

I have to say I really enjoyed The Women of the South by Hila Har Cohen. It is superbly written and kept me captivated to the very end. It is a romantic fantasy story where the main protagonists are not warrior men, but women. Brought together by terrible hardships, our main character uses the gentler powers of healing and her intelligence to discover her hidden strengths and conquer evil.

Ni-Han is our hero. She has special powers and a cleft lip. Her story begins as her and her loving family set forth on an arduous journey through their battle-torn country. Things don’t go well, and Ni-Han witnesses the brutal murder of her parents, she is taken captive and only stays alive because of her quick thinking and herbal skills.

In captivity, she meets up with other women and they soon bond together. They learn if they work as one, they can, not only survive but, outsmart their captors and escape. However, freedom brings its own hardships and Ni-Han takes on the role of crusader fighting for justice and what is right.

I really like the fact that the hero of this book is seen as abnormal and disfigured by the culture she lives in. So many heroes, men and women, are perfect – too perfect to be true in fact. It was refreshing to read about a strong, intelligent woman who despite the so-called physical issues she faces, was able to become recognized for her brilliance and courage.

Also, Ni-Han makes a much more believable hero than an armor-clad warrior. She is not perfect, but still manages to change her world for the better. I found this aspect of the book really appealing. It gives all of us hope that regardless of who we are we can still make a significant difference to the world if we choose. Reading her story filled me with hope.

The Women of the South by Hila Har Cohen is action-packed and a real page turner. I found myself being drawn into this fantasy world by the wonderful writing techniques of the author. Her use of prose was the one of the best features of this book. This book will certainly please avid fantasy and romance readers, and also appeal to a much wider audience because it is well written and so entertaining. Book reviewed by Susan Day for Chick Lit Café.

Order your copy now and enjoy a story of courage, friendship, loss, love, and the will to survive.

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